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About us

izzedo d.o.o. is the heartbeat of software development and home to brilliant developers with exemplary know-how and expertise.

The idea behind all this actualized in March 2015, it’s been a remarkable journey of passion, improvement and teamwork. All our strategies are aligned towards creating apps that offer solutions to our day-to-day tasks.

The team’s robust commitment is the reason why it’s our passion to create apps that are tailored to suit your needs. The end-product is work of innovativeness and creativity.

  • Customer is the king
    We value our clients and that’s why our work and apps are tailored to meet and surpass the client’s needs.

  • State-of-the-art solutions
    The team at izzedo is one that looks to offer solutions through user-friendly apps that offer convenience and expediency.

  • We are passionate and do it for fun
    Our developers are a committed bunch of very passionate individuals who enjoy and treasure what they do.

  • Business tailored apps
    We believe in growth, that’s why our apps are designed and usable by start-up businesses. We create apps meant to offer growth and prosperity in this very competitive generation.

  • Creativity and innovativeness
    izzedo is not your normal service provider. What we build, create and design is unique and exclusive. Brainstorming sessions and teamwork allow us to offer apps that boast of uniqueness and distinctiveness.

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izzedo appbuild

With our tool izzedo appbuild we can reduce costs of your business apps development. This tool speed up development process, save time and money. Check more informations about izzedo appbuild or contact us.

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