Virtuo provides services for a company registration and virtual office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Virtuo helps to reduce office costs and affords clients mobility. By using Virtuo services you cut the costs of your daily business operations while staying fully operational. As Virtuo grows, their database of clients data also grows. It started to be hard to track all information in different excel files and documents. They decided to build smart invoicing software to speed up invoicing process and tracking clients contracts, invoices, mail, faxes, phone calls, etc…

With this software, Virtuo can have continues growth without problems. In Virtuo we have built new software using izzedo appbuild tool. We have saved a lot of time and money in this developing process.

Clients and contracts

The first module was clients and contracts. In Virtuo, they needed all information about their clients in one place. We implemented various parameters on contracts, for invoices creation process and also different reminders related to contracts and clients.

Clients also have access to clients area. There they can see all data related to them, invoices, mail, faxes, phone calls, etc… Clients also can book different services.

Smart invoicing

After configuring all parameters on contracts, the software generates all invoices every month. Coordinators in different locations, can review all invoices, send them to clients and track latter payments. Coordinators can change different statuses of invoices, and send them to archive at the end of the process.


We have implemented different reports and views in software. With these reports in Virtou, they can have good information for making right decisions about their business.


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