Starting a business and achieving the forecasted profit as well as development targets, is not an easy thing. In any type of business you venture into there are other services and products providers you have to compete with. To succeed in your pursuits you must plan well from the beginning. This article explains why you should start using business apps in your company from the very beginning.

Currently, the competition has been heightened by technological advancements. Various business practitioners have embraced technological development in order to out-compete their competitors and get more clients. Various technological advancements have positively changed the manner in which businesses are carried out in the 21st century. A major advancement is the use of business apps in improving business management.

Using business apps in your company

Mobile apps have become an integral part of the leading companies and business enterprises worldwide in diverse ways. Notably, the most successful companies and brands available nowadays have using customize mobile apps, to achieve different objectives. These include customer services, the collection of customer data, product enhancement and mobile marketing. This has been facilitated by the increase in the use of mobile phones in browsing the internet. In fact, nowadays, before someone buys a product or acquires a certain service, he/she has to search for it online.

For instance, you might have started your business and realize that; you have numerous excel tables, finding a file from the large pack is not easy, keeping track of documents becomes tedious, training your employees takes a lot of time, real-time communication with your customers and clients is not easy, and it’s not easy to pass and get valuable information from your employees easily among other business management issues. It is time to start using business apps in your company.

start using business apps

The importance of business apps is well documented in the 21st century. Many businesses and companies have achieved their development objectives efficiently through the use of business apps. For those who are using a business app already, understand its importance in any business undertaking. If you are still new to the values of using business apps in your company, don’t worry because you are about to enlighten yourself fully.

With the advancement in technology, companies and businesses are using different methods to reach more customers and make more profits. Notably, mobile apps have become an integral part of leading companies marketing efforts. The strategy has played a significant part in attaining various companies’ objectives.

Objectives of any business

Actually, the first objective of any business is customer satisfaction. The second is the improved employee-employer relationship. Customer satisfaction and the relationship between employers and their employees are essential in the realization of forecasted development goals of a business enterprise, company or organization. There are other important aspects of a company, which influence its success in a competitive market environment but, these two are highly significant. Nowadays, mobile apps are essential in assisting a business enterprise better engage with its customers & employees. That way the major target, which is improved return on investment is highly ensured.

The advantages of using a business app from the beginning in your company are numerous. This article is meant to enlighten you on why you should start using business apps (especially mobile apps) in your company. If you require more convincing on the use of mobile apps in your company, here are 12 reasons.

12 reasons why you should start using business apps in your company

1. Improved geo-targeting

Mobile apps enable you to improve your marketing strategies and make more sales by targeting a particular geographic area. The rise of geo-targeting and beacons has made it easy for companies and other business enterprises to target their key users through location-sensitive and time-sensitive messages through mobile apps. For instance, the capability to incorporate a geo-location technology in a mobile app helps you as a business owner to send special offers to customers near various stores. Additionally, by employing this approach, you significantly reduce expenditure by narrowing your focus and delivering targeted ads to your customers at the time.

Moreover, by combining geo-targeting capability with messages, enables you to connect with instantly with customers who are close to your company. In fact, it is possible to send your loyal customers a text message and notify them about a product or service that is exclusive to them. This makes them feel special and as a result, they will definitely make one or two purchases. That way you are able to out-compete your competitors and make more sales and increase your return on investment significantly.

2. Enhanced visibility

Research statistics indicate that a lot of people are currently using their mobile phones to browse the internet. Actually, they are browsing for different services and products. On notable trend is the fact that 70% of people nowadays search online for a product or service before they can order for it. These people get the information they are looking for from business apps available on the internet.

By developing a remarkable mobile app for your company helps you in improving sales. When a customer searches for a given key in your business area, your mobile app will be displayed and he/she can access it for the product or services being sought. This is a great way of marketing your products or services and making more sales.

3. Improves scheduling and reminders

In fact, if you are a services company like an executive studio or Salon, improve the manner in which your customers make appointments through the use of a mobile app. A mobile app makes it easy for a customer to book an appointment through their smartphones. Moreover, the mobile app makes it easy for you to interact with the customer. Notably, it is easy to confirm an appointment as well as send a reminder.

start using business apps

4. Improved information sharing

In a company, there is a lot of information that you have to share every day. For instance, there is the need to share new information regarding a new company direction with your employees. On the other hand, information regarding the progress of the company has to be passed on from different departments of the company to the top office. Then, there is the need for constant sharing between the company workers.

Now, all this is improved through the use of business apps. These applications, since they are customized, make it easy in information circulation and sharing within the company. As the CEO of the company, you are able to share new information with a large number of employees easily. Similarly, the employees are able to share whatever information they have with their superior with ease, without having to disrupt the progress of days work. Likewise, resolutions on important matters can be shared within the company easily.

5. Enhanced employee orientation and training

Every company recruits new employees at different times. These employees are required to appropriately acquaint themselves with regard to company’s objectives, regulations, and different business procedures. This requires comprehensive orientation.

Conducting an orientation manually consumes a lot of time and it takes long before the new bunch of employees is fully informed on what is required of them. For this reason, the use of a business app helps a lot. Since every employee has access to the internet, it is easy to share the necessary information with them through the internet. Notably, the increased use of smartphones eases the manner in which information can be shared.

The business app helps you in training your employees by sharing with them the necessary information through the app. There is no need to waste a lot of time conducting manual training. All that is required is to share app details with them and from there they can get every bit of information they require from the app.

6. Ease of handling business transactions

Currently, a mobile payment is the order of the day. Every company or business enterprise involves numerous transactions. There are business transactions involving inputs, products and services sales, and employee payments among others.

start using business apps

Business apps make it easy for the company to handle every transaction quickly and securely. For example, mobile payments enable companies to swipe credit cards as well as handle other business transactions via mobile phones. For example, it is not a must that an employee accesses the bank to withdraw money. He/she can use the mobile banking feature of the company app to transfer their money from the bank account to their mobile phone service provider and withdraw the money. This is a great way of saving time since it makes it possible for money transactions to made instantly.

7. Cultivating customer loyalty

Business apps are a great way of cultivating customer loyalty. Due to numerous forms of marketing surrounding you like billboards, websites, roadside banners, Facebook ads, flyers, email marketing, and coupons, you slowly lose your impact on customers. The numerous advertising platforms around you lead to this.

In order for you to make a true and honest connection with your customers and cultivate their loyalty to your products, it’s time to develop a business app for your company. The mobile friendly app makes sure that you link up with your customers with ease. Additionally, it ensures that you are just a fingertip away from them at all times.

8. Ease of tracking various business documents

A business app is an integral part of enterprise resource planning (ERP). Through a business app, it is easy to track various documents involving different company proceedings. A business app makes it possible to integrate different company documentations. If you require a certain document, you just need to visit a specific section of the app and right away get whatever you need. This is an important aspect with regard to decision making. Checking for s document manually from a file consumes a lot of time and hinders decision-making process.

start using business apps

9. Ease of getting customer Insights

Every company requires information regarding customer views on their products. This information you can only generate from customer reviews. These reviews you cannot acquire if there is no platform to facilitate it. The easiest way to create such a platform is through a business app.

Additionally, through the app, it is possible to identify the profitable as well as promising regions. It is also possible to gather information through the app regarding customer needs as well as the general performance of the app. This information is valuable in identifying new business opportunities, making product enhancements. On the other hand, the information helps you in developing new improved products that meet customer needs. As a result, you are able to make more sales in the future and increase your return on investment (ROI) accordingly.

10. Creating advanced social media marketing strategies

Nowadays almost every mature person is a member of a social network like Facebook or twitter. 90% of these people access these social network platforms from their Smartphone. Now, a mobile friendly business app is a great way of involving the social networks of different users through different options and features. Now, with your own mobile app for your company, it is very easy to drive more social media engagement for your products or services. That way you are able to realize various business objectives.
start using business apps

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11. A great way to boost website traffic

Online websites are important in products and services sales. The more traffic your site receives, the higher the chances of making more sales. Hence, it is important to do more SEO in order to generate more traffic for your website. Now, one way of generating more traffic for your website is through the development of a business app. Notably, Apple’s app store receives millions of hits each day. Therefore, if you have a business app, that is optimized for a given app store, you are capable of generating more traffic for your website. Additionally, you are able to get valuable back links from authoritative pages. All this is extremely important in making more sales for your services or products.

12. A significant way of making your presence felt among your customers

Do you want your company to be constantly felt among your customers in a highly competitive environment? This is undoubtedly important for purposes of improved interaction and making more sales. Through a mobile friendly business app, it is very easy to achieve this.

Your business app will constantly remind users about its existence. Interestingly, even when they are using other apps, your business app will appear in their app list all the time. This ensures you are always in your customers’ minds all the time. As a result, you drive more positive action from them.

Bottom Line

Technological advancement has changed the manner in which businesses are conducted. Online marketing and selling have become the order of the day. There are different ways through which companies and businesses are making sure that they stay on top of the pack with regard to product & services sales and making better sales.

Business apps are the new strategy being employed by top companies in out-competing their rivals and accrue high returns on investment. Advantages of business apps are numerous as elaborated in this post. If you have a company and want to stay ahead of your competitors, it is time to start using business apps in your company.


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