We had to redesign order process for our existing client YplaY. They needed new backend application with more functionalities, new sell products application.

Sell products application on izzedo appbuild platform

It is simple order process with couple of steps. You can enter your city and you will see your possibilities for buying. Choose category, product and enter registration form. In backend application, administrator can edit all information. It is possible to edit products and services, all options for products, categories, cities and product availability. Administrator can search orders and registered customers.

For backend application, we decided to use izzedo appbuild tool. We defined all entities and forms used in business process that client provided to us. It contains 25 entities and more than 50 forms. Couples of user roles uses this application.

On the website, we needed nice look for potential customers. We designed and developed custom component from scratch using HTML and JavaScript. This component calls API from the backend application.