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Main features

How it works

Install izzedo webscan

Download and install izzedo webscan installation package on the computer where scanner is attached. You need windows operating system with attached and installed scanner device.

izzedo webscan code
izzedo webscan code

Include izzedo webscan JavaScript library

Include izzedo_webscan.js file into your web application. In installation folder, you can see example HTML page how to use scanner device from browsers. Then you can write your JavaScript code in your web application where your want to use scanner device.

Call scanner functions

Start calling scanner functions from your web application. Scan documents in your web application and upload where you need it.

izzedo webscan scan

All features list

  • Scan in browsers
    Scan with all popular browsers Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera

  • Scanner configurations
    Choose scanner from installed scanners list

  • Multiple scan formats
    Scan in JPEG, TIFF or PDF

  • Quality levels
    Multiple quality levels

  • Feeder and multiple pages
    Use feeder or multiple pages options

  • Upload scanned document
    Post scanned document to your custom web-service

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