UG Otaharin is the organization who is promoting education of Roma child population. Otaharin trying to include Roma children in the educational system. This problem exists in many countries. To have success in solving this problem, organizations need an efficient customer database.

In the beginning, Otaharin just worked with Roma children. But during the time, they expanded their activities to the other Roma population. Because of that, their business process gets complicated and hard to track.

They decided to build an application and good database of their customers.

Efficient customer database

In Otaharin they implement a lot of projects. They needed to track a lot of information about every project. The most important thing was the financial part. They need to know the status of every project at any point in time.

Every project involves implementors and customers who are working on activities. So they needed this information to have been stored in an efficient way. They also track all school data about all children who are Otaharin’s customers.

One part of the application has functionalities for internal employees in Otaharin. They use it for internal communication and other work in the organization.


Our first step was writing the technical specification. Later we started to implement their business process into an application. We decided to use izzedo appbuild platform for building a web application. The application had to be very easy to use and with clean design.

With izzedo appbuild we got the first version of the application in a couple of days. We configured entities and forms to support their business process. There are about 50 entities and over 100 forms created.

We created a lot of reports with charts for nice data presentation.


We also helped Otaharin to set up new website. We have implemented existing WordPress theme and we have migrated all content from the old website. The new website was operational in very short time.


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