YplaY is Internet, TV and Telephone operator in Switzerland. They offer you the fastest Internet connection in Switzerland via glass fiber networks. YplaY also offers various types of IPTV and mobile options. We had to develop various telecom operator applications for this client.

Telecom operator applications


On beginning, we have built the company website. We designed and developed template from scratch. Website contains general information about the company, promotions for products and services.

We used Joomla CMS as content management platform. We had to develop a couple of small components for sending support requests from the website.




Marketing application

We had to develop application for the marketing team. Some of the options are: Customers (Enter data about potential customers, address and other data), Building address (Import data about building address and availability of products on every address), Matching address mechanism (Find matching address between customers and buildings. Take marketing actions, call, send flayer, send email), First layer support (Enter data about received requests for support. Send request to other layers of support), Channels (Import and export television channels. Generate PDFs for website).

Application contains data about street address and operator service address, then application does cross match and offer marketing team list of potential customers. After that, marketing team can contact them with various ways and fill collected data into application. Later they create contracts and send data to other applications.

Application was developed with PHP programming language using Symfony framework. For frontend, we used Ext.js web components.

Buy IPTV channels online

With this component you can select and buy only channels you like to watch. No needs for paying hundreds of channels you never watch. For this component, we have developed custom design and the new component for Joomla CMS. We used PHP, HTML and JavaScript.





iOS application

This application provides general information about company and products. You can navigate trough pages similar like on web site. It is possible to send support requests. There is also option for order products and services.

Application has been developed with Xcode using Objective-C programming language. Application calls to web services from the website.

YplaY-iOS-application-2 YplaY-iOS-application-3

YplaY-iOS-application-4 YplaY-iOS-application-5