Torrocom IPTV reseller

Torrocom is startup company for selling and reselling IPTV channels online. It provides users to choose only channels they are willing to watch, and pay only for those channels. No more list of 300+ channels on your TV, only your favorite channels. It is less expensive. When you brought channels you get license code which you can use on multiple devices, mobile phone, tablet or TV. This company also provide an option for resellers who are want to sell IPTV channels online to their customers.

Sell IPTV channels online

First, we needed to build the website with base information. On this part of the website, you can find general information about company and platform.

Later we have built component for choosing and selling channels. It consists of website part and backend application.

Backend application we have developed on izzedo appbuild platform. There we defined all process, making orders, payments with PayPal, integration with IPTV servers, generation of licenses, resellers registration program etc… We defined all entities and forms and connections between them. Users also can use this application directly but we needed a nicer frontend for potential buyers.

The website we developed on Joomla CMS. We designed and developed custom template for Joomla CMS from scratch. Later we developed custom Joomla component for sell IPTV channels online. This component calls API from the backend application. We did not write any business logic on the website. Everything is defined in backend application. We saved a lot of maintenance time because all changes we had to make in izzedo appbuild application. So we do not need developers for it.

On website there are other components, user registration, reseller profiles, support forms etc…

For watching channels it is possible to use Android, iOS, or TV applications. We provided API for communicating with those applications.