It used to be a general believe that mobile business apps are meant for big brands and top companies. Now, several medium and small scale businesses are following this mobile trend. Companies now understand that it is not enough to have a mobile-friendly website as a mobile strategy without trying to create app for the business. They now know that a dedicated business app can help them beat the competition and improve their productivity.

Create app for your brand

A business app is an excellent way to create a marketing channel for your business. With a business app, you can let people know about your products and services, tell people about discounts and promotions, let your customers create a user account for direct communication, give out news updates and simplify service delivery. With a custom business app, you can build yourself a brand and earn recognition that will stand you out from your competitors. If you own a business app, you are a step ahead in the game.

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It is no longer a big deal to get your business a dedicated app. You can seek the services of competent programmers and web experts to help you create apps for your business. You can also choose to do it yourself with some web-based software as well as some offline software.

There are several ready-made apps out there take advantage of in your businesses and brand. Ready-made apps are designed to match the needs of the majority. The software designers fashioned the apps after what will work for an average company out there. Unfortunately, this is not enough since every business has different requirements and uses various methods.

Businesses are unique

A lot of business owners today are now well aware that working with a ready-made app may not function efficiently for their kind of corporate structure. Most businesses are unique in their operations and may require certain functionalities for their workflow, or certain customized features for their franchise. For example, an IT environment will require a unique configuration. Using a one-size-fits-all app will not work for such companies. It would, therefore, make more sense to create apps tailored for the business. Having a custom app helps you choose the best security measures for your app data and user profiles as opposed to what you get from ready-made apps with an open-end security.

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Why you should build your business app from scratch rather than use existing ones

1. More room for customization

Making your business app from scratch leaves you the chance to give your company an unlimited branding. You can decide the graphic designs and color themes that best suits your business. You can include the logo of your business as well as add useful and relevant menus to your business app to give it a tailored functionality. A ready-made app does not offer you so much flexibility, and you are bound to go by what is made available to you.

2. Enhanced security level

Another disadvantage of running your business on a ready-made app is because of its low-security level. Ready-made apps are very susceptible to cyber threats and attacks. Hackers often attack companies running on a commonly used platform all at once. If you create apps that are unique to your business, you are safer. It does not guarantee you safety from attacks, but it makes you less of a target than companies running on a ready-made app.

3. Cost effectiveness

Building your business app from scratch can be cost-effective in the long term. Ready-made apps are not flexible, you may need to change them later, and replacing them now and then also comes at a price. However, if you create apps from scratch, there won’t be a need for replacement. All you will need to do is to update your database and improve functionality since it is vital to let your app grow even as your business grows.

4. Smooth integration with other software

Individual businesses often require software integration with the mobile app for optimal functionality. Such companies running a ready-made app will need a third-party application to achieve the required integration, and it comes at a price too. You can save your business the thousands of dollars that will be spent on an unreliable integration if you choose to create apps that are unique to your business operations all at once.

Running a custom-built app makes your business unique and gives you an edge over your competitors that run an off-the-shelf solution. It is, therefore, safer, and cost effective to build your business apps from scratch than picking up existing ones.

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Create app with App Builder

There are several App Builders that you can lay your hands on to do the hardest part of the job for you. Even if you do not have any knowledge of computer programming, you can use them to create apps for your business from scratch. They are simple to use, have a user-friendly interface, and are not too expensive. Some of these apps are free, while some come at a very low price to save your cost of development.

Pros and cons

Advantages of using App Builders:

  • save time and money in development process
  • no need to design and code app
  • make small app on beginning¬†when your business is small scale
  • grow your app as your business grow
  • no need for servers infrastructure
  • if you have specific actions, no need a lot of developers

If you create app without App Builders you have to:

  • hire more developers for design and code
  • much more testing
  • buy and maintain servers infrastructure
  • hire developers every time when you make changes
  • hire developers for every integration


You will enjoy more benefits running your business on a custom-built app than on ready-made ones. Building your apps from scratch gives you the opportunity to choose customized concepts that fit your business the best. Ready-made apps are unlikely to meet all the needs of your business, especially if your business is technical and more sophisticated. To secure your app data, to establish a direct channel for marketing, and to build a brand for yourself, you should create apps that are custom-based for your business.

Your business app will remain a standard component of your brand, and your choice at the start will be the foundation for the future. It is, therefore, important to choose a flexible, secure and reliable way to having your business app over a rigid one.


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